Welcome to ExSaaSperated.com! Follow the ongoing adventure of two nerds on a quest to start a small SaaS business. 🗺🤷‍♀️


  • Case study: HospoSafe

    What did we do after our first unsuccessful attempt at launching a product? We tried to make another product and made a lot of the same mistakes again! This experience taught us that we needed to get more serious about learning about marketing and building our audience.
  • The struggle to self-promote

    If you want to start a business it's pretty difficult to get noticed and find users if you're not putting yourself out there, but how does one do that without feeling awkward?
  • Case study: GoDutch.cash

    This is the first post that will actually talk about a real SaaS-attempt. As some commenters have pointed out, previous posts were a bit more.. meta. That’s fine, we own that, we were just setting the scene a bit. Today we’ll be talking about GoDutch.cash, one of our projects.

  • Our goal

    We recently came across the Release Notes podcast, and through that we found out about Marketing for Developers, a book by Justin Jackson. One great point this book makes is that it's important to have a goal. In that spirit, we will try to formulate our goal, and in the spirit of this blog, we're putting it out here in the open. Maybe that'll keep us accountable!
  • Who are you?

    It’s funny, it shouldn’t really matter who is writing a particular thing, should it? I guess especially for software-dev types such as ourselves, that is a line of thinking I wouldn’t be surprised to hear.

  • Hello World! 👋

    This is a brief introductory post. We want to start a SaaS product, and while there seem to be awfully many "founder stories" around of people magically getting 50k downloads, $10k MRR, etc., we don't often hear about the long, rocky path to sustainable success.

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