It’s funny, it shouldn’t really matter who is writing a particular thing, should it? I guess especially for software-dev types such as ourselves, that is a line of thinking I wouldn’t be surprised to hear.

The thing is though, deep inside we’re all monkeys, and our brains have a bunch of primitive wiring. So it does end up mattering to us that the author of a particular thing is relatable. That advice is all over the place when trying to sell things to people, or even just make friends. So let’s embrace our monkey brains! 🐒🧠

There’s also the angle of owning our privilege, because we have a lot of that. Including but not limited to: living in a developed country, having good incomes as software developers, having had the time and opportunity to get educated when we were younger. So I think there’s a political angle to it, too.

Usually, we’re pretty shy on the internet, for reasons both valid and imagined. However, in the spirit of challenging ourselves in this blog, we’re going to try and be a bit more personable and human.

Drumroll: your protagonists

We are Caitlin and Paul, two software developers in Melbourne, Australia. We haven’t always been software developers, but between us we now have a fair amount of experience working for commercial software shops: specifically web agencies, mid-sized e-commerce companies, and a successful SaaS company, to name the main ones.

We enjoy retro computing, and believe the web should have less walled gardens. But really we’re your run-of-the-mill humans.

Why this, why now?

For a long time, we’ve been thinking quite seriously about how we could build our own online business. There are various reasons for that, which I’ll elucidate some other time, but for years this has been something that seemed vaguely “cool” to me, and now, in the last few months, we’ve finally decided we’d like to make a go of it.

We’ve already tried a few things (more on that later, too), without any success, but that’s fine! That’s what we expected. We intend this blog to be about the journey, about learning, about sharing resources, more than about attaining that goal of having a self-sustaining SaaS business. We hope to dissect some unsuccessful attempts, and learn from them. If this blog only serves as a motivation for us to learn from our mistakes by studying them carefully, so be it. But with a bit of luck, others might be able to glean lessons from them, too.

Goals for this blog

I’m bad at getting to the point, so here are the goals for this blog:

  • Learn stuff (from ourselves but also from readers’ input)
  • Build a community
  • Collect knowledge that might be useful to others


We’d be thrilled if you joined our mailing list (there are cute animals!) to get updates on the blog sent straight to your inbox, or left a comment down below. We’re keen for input of any kind, so bring it on. You can also contact us directly.